Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora Account Is Hacked

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora Account Is Hacked – Sundar Pichai did not have a good start of this week as his Quora account is being hacked by a group of hackers called OurMine. Quora, the question and answer site was taken over by OurMine on Sunday after which they posted ‘we are just testing our security’ in Sundar Pichai’s Quora account and as his quora are connected to the Twitter account, all his followers around 508,000 were able to see the post. However, the post in now removed from his Twitter account.

This OurMine is the same group that hacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s social media account in the last month. And not just that rather there are many big profiles in the list such as Spotify’s CEO and prominent Amazon executives while the group has also stated that more targets will follow in the future.

But the good thing is that this hack is not harmful so far and no sensitive data is being stolen after hacking. However, still, there is a fear that who will be next. The hackers have also gone on to state that they have been able to take over Mark Zuckerberg’s account by finding his password dadada while in Sundar Pichai’s case, it was weak security that helped them hacking the account.

While OurMine has continued to hack various high profiles in the recent days, it seems this activity is nothing but their publicity stunt. The hacker group has tweeted that they mainly aim is to say that no one is safe, some of the accounts were hacked due to weak password and some were hacked due to vulnerability but users can always upgrade their security by purchasing OurMine’s services. Till date, they have earned $18,400 by selling their service.

The group claims to improve the security of a social media account at just $100 while $1000 service will scan the full website for vulnerabilities.


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